Celebrating 100 years of Friendship

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For many years, there existed in the Department of Pharmacy at Columbia University, two fraternities. Neither of which, however, would allow the admission of members of minority races, religions or creeds.

During the years 1909 – 1910, two small groups of men became intrigued with the idea that friendship acquired during collegiate days should be bound together through some means for the remainder of one’s life. The desirable qualities that one gathered from those around him should be interchanged for more than the mere two or three years of collegiate association.

Neither of these two groups had any inkling of the existence of the other until the opening of the school term the following year when providence interceded to bring together these men. One of these groups based their linking together on the idea that a social club was the solution to their problem. The other felt that a fraternity (about which they knew little except for the two groups on campus) was the correct solution. With the contact of these two groups, it was immediately evident that one could not get along without the other and the union was made.

On October 10, 1910, during a lunch period, a hurried conference was held between that two groups in a deserted lecture hall. The spirit of organization was so instilled in the eight original gatherers that another meeting was arranged for that very afternoon after school hours.

At five o’clock that afternoon, a determined group of young men met in Central Park to hold a lengthier discussion and see the plans that they had dreamed of approach reality.

The problem of the moment appeared to be finding a meeting room but this was settled quickly with an appeal to the school for permission to use an empty lecture hall. That appeal was granted.

The first regularly recorded meeting was called to order in the library of the Department of Pharmacy, Columbia University, on Friday afternoon, October 19, 1910. Four additional men, two of whom later dropped out, were invited to that meeting.

Current Chapters who make up the Grand Chapter:TEP Graffiti

  • City College of New York (ΦΧ)
  • Clarkson (ΛΦΕ)
  • Cornell University (Δ)
  • Hofstra University (ΣΑΣ)
  • Johnson & Wales University (ΩΑ)
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Ξ)
  • Queens College (ΕΘ)
  • Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (ΕΙ)
  • Rutgers University-Camden (ΣΕ)
  • SUNY Binghamton (ΦΠ)
  • University of Florida (ΤΑ)
  • University of Georgia (Ν)
  • University of Pennsylvania (Ρ)
  • University of Rhode Island (ΤΩ)

Some notable alumni of Tau Epsilon Phi

  • Adam Sandler, Actor
  • Jerry Springer, TV and Radio Host (shown in the picture to the right)

    TEP visiting one of our notable alumni, Jerry Springer

  • Jeff Altman, Comedian
  • Bryan Clark, Wrestler
  • Larry David, Actor
  • David Duchovny, Actor
  • Mike Farrell, Actor
  • Benny Goodman, Musician
  • Vincent C. Gray, Mayor, Washington, DC
  • Louis Harris, Public opinion analyst and founder of the Harris Poll
  • Judge Irving R. Kaufman
  • Larry King, TV and Radio Host
  • Raymond Kurzweil, Author
  • Samuel J. LeFrak, Chairman LeFrak Corporation
  • Elliott H. Levitas, Former congressman of Georgia’s 4th congressional district
  • Gov. Marvin Mandel, (D-MD)
  • State Delegate Kirill Reznik, (D-MD)
  • Jared Ross, Athlete
  • Dr. Jonas Salk
  • Rick Santorum, Former Senator for Pennsylvania
  • Bernard Siegel, Director of the nonprofit Genetics Policy Institute
  • Lt. Gov. Michael S. Steele, (R-MD)
  • George Stephanopoulos, TV Journalist
  • Judge Joseph Albert Wapner
  • Omar Bradley (accepted honorary membership)
  • Dwight D. Eisenhower (accepted honorary membership)
  • Red Auerbach, General Manager of the Boston Celtics
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