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Ms. Daisy Duke

The brothers of Lambda Phi Epsilon have not always been the only inhabitants in the Mansion on the Hill. Many dogs have also shared the many rooms of the house throughout the years. The first of the dogs started with Mr. Small Dog at the founding of our fraternity in 1967. He was a leader among dogs. Mr. Beauford T. Puppy came next, he was eventually wanted in 5 towns. After that came Mr. Sly F. Canine. His fantasy was to be a cat. Mr. Al K. Holic joined the house in 1991 where he learned to open doors with his head. Dudley D followed in 2003; it is claimed that he is the greatest dog that ever lived. In 2004 Mr. Orville D. Dogenbacher joined the ranks of Lambda Phi Epsilon. His goal in life was to actually bite the head off a cat although he never even got close. Finally in the fall of 2008 Ms. Daisy Duke joined the house where she still resides. She strives to someday swim the Raquette Channel. These dogs have been an important addition to fraternity life, enriching our house with many stories and a ton of great times.

If you’d like you can visit Daisy’s Facebook page by clicking here. You can try and friend her if you like, but be warned, she’s very picky.

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