About Us

Friendship – Chivalry – Service

Lambda Phi Epsilon has been part of the Clarkson community since 1966. Since then our house has pledged over 650 brothers who function as a family, a social network, and a fully operating business. We strive for academic excellence and, with our variety of majors in the house, offer academic resources for one another. As the saying goes, we work hard and play hard, which is easy to do at the TEΦ Mansion. The mansion sits on top of an acre and a half of land with direct access to the Racquette River. At the house, the brothers maintain 4-wheelers, snowmobiles, canoes and other toys that are open to all brothers for use. We also take part in an interfraternal sports league participating in basketball, volleyball, football, and soccer. All in all, we believe that the real lessons to be learned are outside the classroom, and it is up to you to discover them.

The crest of Lambda Phi Epsilon Chapter of Tau Epsilon Phi

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